Patrick John Fann

Club Secretary, Life Skills Coach

Patrick is the AFC Rustenburg Club Secretary and oversees the club’s Life Skills programme for the players.

Patrick, a qualified and experienced geologist, with approximately 22 years experience in the mining and mineral exploration industry, was instrumental in the initiation of the club’s Life Skills programme in 2007/8 before leaving Rustenburg in 2010. He had subsequently 8 years of experience in the management, development and training in the non-profit (NPO) sector directly involved with youth development. He has a total of approximately 20 years experience in management and pioneering new enterprises. In 2019 he returned to Rustenburg and renewed his association with AFC Rustenburg.


“I am passionate about exploring and pioneering new frontiers, in both business and human potential, especially amongst the youth of our country.” – Patrick Fann

Qualifications & Achievements

A qualified geologist with BSc HONS from NMMU

Development of Youth Mentor training manual for various youth-related NPO’s

Development of AFC Rustenburg Life Skills curriculum